Gesine Bänfer and Ian Harrison are one of Europe's most innovative and virtuoso music duos - playing on mediaeval shawms and bagpipes. They are well-established in both the 'classical' early music and the 'experimental' world & folk music scenes and have won prizes at the Bruges Early Music Festival and St. Chartier Folk Festival.  Their research in archives and libraries has unearthed unknown pieces of mediaeval wind music.  In an intensive study of living traditional music they have developed new styles, 'set new standards', and redifined the instruments. With their mediaeval wind ensemble Les haulz et les bas they have toured Europe for 15 years and have played at the leading Early Music Festivals.  Their folk group Contraband is prizewinner for 'best folk-rock group' and 'best wind instrumentalists' at the German Pop Foundation in 2007, and has already played in England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.  The international press has described their performances as 'Electric', 'Spellbinding', 'Ecstatic', and 'Unique'.

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